Subject Aims
1.To provide students with a wide range of learning experiences to enhance their:

  • English language proficiency for study, work and leisure;
  • personal and intellectual development, and social skills;
  • cultural understanding; and
  • global competitiveness.

2.To enable every student to prepare for the changing socio-economic demands, resulting from advances in information technology.
3.To provide every student opportunity for extending their knowledge and experience, as well as pleasure in learning in the English medium.
4.To provide greater opportunities for students to use English for purposeful communication, both inside and outside the classroom.
5.To promote the development of strategies, values and attitudes that are conducive to effective, self-directed, independent and lifelong learning.

Our Learner-centred Curriculum:



English Activities:

English Drama



SCOLAR e-Writing in action



English Fun Day




NET Scheme




Other Activities:

Elite Group: Cambridge Course & TOEFL Junior Test

English Hunter

English Mock Interview Training

Extensive Reading Scheme                     

English Summer Camp

Hong Kong Speech Festival

Reading Wizards

Saturday English Enrichment Courses

2021-2022 年度活動
TOEFL Junior 初中托福英語國際考試 2021-2022

2020-2021 年度活動
TOEFL Junior 初中托福英語國際考試 2020-2021
Top Readers
SCOLAR e-Writing in Action
Top Readers in the 2nd learning phase
香港學科比賽2020-2021-Fun Fun Arena
September to November Top Readers

2019-2020 年度活動
Cooperative learning
English Drama
English Fun Day(Primary 5 performance)
One minute book sharing(2)
One minute book sharing
TOEFL Junior初中托福英語國際考試
International Language Day
English Thursday

2018-2019 年度活動
English Fun Day(Primary 5 performance)
I can't find my teddy bear
English Fun Day
Calligraphy Competition